Consulting is individualized to provide a fresh perspective and guidance to create a personal action plan for development. Through a systematic approach, goals are identified:

  • Examine the broad picture objectively
  • Discuss obstacles with an experienced partner
  • Identify new opportunities for growth, change, development
  • Enhance goal achievement

Estes-Bär Focus Consulting accompanies you on the journey toward your goal.

Business Consulting

Discuss with a confidential partner methods to overcome obstacles within the organization, gain a broader perspective on professional challenges, and identify opportunities to accelerate individual professional results

Change Management

Establish a positive feedback system to strengthen organizational effectiveness, enhance change-implementation, and align individual and team motivation

Stress Management

Regain personal and professional balance by analyzing stress factors and identifying techniques for management


Moderate a business or board meeting to ensure that business matters are managed successfully regardless of conflicting internal professional interests


Focus on personal and professional development through individualized guidance from an experienced professional with broader perspective in both life and business situations, gain motivation to pursue seemingly out-of-reach opportunities


Enhance your potential, negotiate effectively, and identify your goals.

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