Mediation is a structured negotiation process which is applied voluntarily when parties desire conflict resolution. It is appropriate in any conflict involving two or more parties and is especially effective in professional discussions, neighborhood conflict, inter-cultural consultations, and family or divorce disputes.

The mediator guides the communication while the parties themselves decide the final outcome. By maintaining open communication, all parties involved may resolve conflict and achieve their primary goals.

Estes-Bär Focus Consulting enhances communication in order to achieve a fair and sustainable resolution.

Family Mediation

Manage the complexities of family relationships through successful negotiation, provide techniques to manage intense emotions, and share communication tools to resolve relationship conflict

Divorce Mediation

Reduce conflict while settling divorce or separation outside of court by negotiating a sustainable, agreeable solution to achieve your best interests and manage future arrangements for family, property, and finances

Business Mediation

Establish a framework to resolve the conflict, productively discuss disagreements, and identify solutions that satisfy the primary interests of conflicting parties, specifically in an executive professional environment.


Enhance your potential, negotiate effectively, and identify your goals.

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